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Phlebotomist- FT Nights

Company: Baton Rouge General Medical Center
Location: Baton Rouge
Posted on: March 14, 2023

Job Description:

Provides advanced technical skills necessary to perform phlebotomy procedures. Collects specimens, prepares specimens for the laboratory, and maintains accurate medical records of specimens. Responsible for performing phlebotomy duties in the collection of blood samples through the use of skin puncture and venipuncture. Adheres to all procedures for collecting laboratory specimens. Performs job for the age population served, as defined in the department's scope of service.
CRITERIA A: Everyday Excellence Values - Employee demonstrates Everyday Excellence values in the day-to-day performance of their job.
PERFORMANCE STANDARDS:* Demonstrates courtesy and caring to each other, patients and their families, physicians, and the community.* Takes initiative in living our Everyday Excellence values and vital signs.* Takes initiative in identifying customer needs before the customer asks.* Participates in teamwork willingly and with enthusiasm.* Demonstrates respect for the dignity and privacy needs of customers through personal action and attention to the environment of care.* Keeps customers informed, answers customer questions and anticipates information needs of customers.
CRITERIA B: Corporate Compliance - Employee demonstrates commitment to the Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest Guidelines, and the GHS Corporate Compliance Guidelines.
PERFORMANCE STANDARDS* Practices diligence in fulfilling the regulatory and legal requirements of the position and department.* Maintains accurate and reliable patient/organizational records.* Maintains professional relationships with appropriate officials; communicates honesty and completely; behaves in a fair and nondiscriminatory manner in all professional contacts.
CRITERIA C: Personal Achievement - Employee demonstrates initiative in achieving work goals and meeting personal objectives.
PERFORMANCE STANDARDS* Uses accepted procedures and practices to complete assignments. Uses creative and proactive solutions to achieve objectives even when workload and demands are high.* Adheres to high moral principles of honesty, loyalty, sincerity, and fairness.* Upholds the ethical standards of the organization.
CRITERIA D: Performance Improvement - Employee actively participates in Performance Improvement activities and incorporates quality improvement standards in his/her job performance.
PERFORMANCE STANDARDS* Optimizes talents, skills, and abilities in achieving excellence in meeting and exceeding customer expectations.* Initiates or redesigns to continuously improve work processes.* Contributes ideas and suggestions to improve approaches to work processes.* Willingly participates in organization and/or department quality initiatives.
CRITERIA E: Cost Management - Employee demonstrates effective cost management practices.
PERFORMANCE STANDARDS* Effectively manages time and resources* Makes conscious effort to effectively utilize the resources of the organization - material, human, and financial.* Consistently looks for and uses resource saving processes.
CRITERIA F: Patient & Employee Safety - Employee actively participates in and demonstrates effective patient and employee safety practices.
PERFORMANCE STANDARDS* Employee effectively communicates, demonstrates, coordinates and emphasizes patient and employee safety.* Employee proactively reports errors, potential errors, injuries or potential injuries using the hospital incident reporting system.* Employee demonstrates departmental specific patient and employee safety standards at all times.* Employee demonstrates the use of proper safety techniques, equipment and devices and follows safety policies, procedures and plans.* Willingly participates in organization and/or department patient safety and satisfaction initiatives.
ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS include, but are not limited to:
1. Collects blood and specimens from patients according to departmental protocol and policy.
PERFORMANCE STANDARDS:* Reviews requisitions and patient armband for accurate patient identification.* Performs skin or venipunctures to obtain patient blood samples for laboratory examination.* Accurately labels blood and other specimen containers.* Delivers collected samples to the laboratory on a timely basis.* Keeps blood drawing trays and equipment clean and well organized.
2. Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the principles of phlebotomy.
PERFORMANCE STANDARDS:* Demonstrates a working knowledge of reagents stability and storage.* Aware of the factors that influence test results.* Demonstrates knowledge of the actions of various anticoagulants.* Able to explain the anatomy and physiology of blood vessels and the circulatory system.* Demonstrates working knowledge of the components and functions of those componentsto blood to include, RBC, WBC, platelets, and plasma or serum.
3. Follows established safety policies regarding biohazard and sharp exposure.
PERFORMANCE STANDARDS:* Wears laboratory coat while on duty in laboratory and during patient venipuncture.* Wears gloves during patient venipuncture, specimen handling and when handlingcontaminated material.* Disposes of contaminated needles and syringes in safe manner and in accordance withestablished procedures.
4. Practices appropriate safety, environmental, and infection control procedures.
PERFORMANCE STANDARDS* Performs proper waste removal from assigned areas.* Actively participates in maintaining the cleanliness of the laboratory.* Ensures patient safety by adhering to BRGMC Safety Policy guidelines.* Demonstrates working knowledge of laboratory safety to include OSHA standards forhandling blood borne pathogens.* Demonstrates working knowledge of aseptic techniques and methods of sterilization.* Follows BRGMC policies and procedures related to the operation and maintenance ofequipment.
5. Maintains blood culture contamination rate at or below 3% benchmark.
PERFORMANCE STANDARDS:* Follows established procedure in performance of blood culture collection.* Maintains aseptic technique in preparation of venipuncture sets.* Handles and prepares blood culture aseptically. Inoculates bottles using sterile techniques.
6. Maintains good performance in blood culture collection.
PERFORMANCE STANDARDS:* Uses sterile technique on venipunctures prep site and administration of blood to culturecontainer. (Exceeds=0-2.5% contamination rate; Meets=3.0-3.5%: NeedsImprovement=> 3.5%).* Administers appropriate ml of blood to bottle for each year of patient age up to 10 years ofage (minimally 7 ml of blood/container). (Exceeds=Improvement=> 7/year).
7. Ensures blood volumes administered to blood culture bottles are appropriate for age of patient collected. (Exceeds = 8/year).
PERFORMANCE STANDARDS:* Administers 1 ml for each yr of patient age up to 10 years of age per bottle.* Administers minimally 7 mls of blood per blood culture bottle for patients 10 and above.8. Maintains patient identification during specimen receipt and unification. (Exceeds = 1/year; Meets = 2-3/year; NI = > 4).
PERFORMANCE STANDARDS:* Utilizes patient armband in patient identification process.* Accurately labels blood specimens collected at patient bedside.* Maintains patient identification during specimen receipt and unification.* Labels non-blood specimen containers accurately.
9. Maintains recollects at or below 2 % benchmark.
PERFORMANCE STANDARDS* Follows established phlebotomy procedure according to test being ordered.* Collects blood in appropriate tube order.* Demonstrates appropriate use of butterfly needles with collection tubes minimizing hemolyticoccurrence.
10. Follows hospital and departmental policies and protocols.
PERFORMANCE STANDARDS* Adheres to established policies governing patient and employee safety.* Utilizes established system protocols and procedures in work performance.* Follows hospital and departmental policies governing attendance, schedule change requestsand call insurance* Assists with morgue duties as necessary once deemed competent.
11. Performs other tasks as requested or assigned.
EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS:Two years phlebotomy experience preferred.EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: High School Diploma or GED preferred.
SPECIAL SKILL, LICENSE AND KNOWLEDGE REQUIREMENTS:Demonstrated CRT/computer knowledge. Performs job for the age population served, as defined in the department's scope of service. Able to handle numerous tasks simultaneously. Excellent organizational skills. Able to perform assigned duties in a timely manner with minimal supervision.
HIPAA REQUIREMENTS:Maintains knowledge of and adherence to all applicable HIPAA regulations appropriate to Job Position including but not limited to: Paper medical records with limit to job functions, electronic GHIN without limitation to job functions, patient demographics, surgery or appointment schedule, patient related complaints, and/or information related to patient location.
SAFETY REQUIREMENTS:Maintains knowledge of and adherence to all applicable safety practices appropriate to Job Position including but not limited to: Incident reporting, handling of wastes, sharps and linen, PPE, exposure control plans, hand washing, environment of care, patient identification, receive orders for patients, and collects blood samples.

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